My Blonde Transformation

My Blonde Transformation

Belinda had the pleasure of sitting down with Genevieve Reynolds to talk about how to maintain the color and condition of hair after bleaching. They discussed everything from at home hair-care to recommended styling, products and tips on adapting your color routine during COVID-19. Then Belinda went ahead and worked her magic! Here’s what Genevieve had to say…

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Belinda Jeffrey at her Double Bay salon, La Boutique for a much needed blonde transformation.

Known as ‘The Blonde Whisperer’, I knew I was in sensational hands when given the task of bringing my dull, faded locks (that have been neglected over the past months) back to life.

I speak with Belinda about the latest trends she has been seeing out of isolation and her tips to ensure my blonde hair remains bright and looking it’s best in between appointments.


The Blonde Mission:

The goal for today was to transform my dull, faded dark blonde hair to a brightened and fresh color. With the focus on creating an all-over blonde, summer look, Belinda gave me her expert advice on maintaining my fresh color and the best products for my specific hair needs.

Being on top of the latest in hair trends, Belinda’s focus was on saying goodbye to my fading Balayage style to achieve an all-over bright and creamy blonde look with a front-framing color that made an impact – almost like a halo effect. Belinda works her magic by using her signature diagonal foil technique and keeping the color application as close to the hairline as possible so you don’t see a strong line of regrowth. A trim and blow-dry were added to compliment my new hair color. The cutting and drying techniques used added texture and volume for the ultimate refreshed look.

Belinda’s Tips For Maintaining Your New Color

Apply a hair mask…Christophe Robin shade variation masks have incredible toning powers leaving blonde clients looking creamy and moisturized without weighing hair down. Belinda also makes custom made Fabuloso colour conditioners which can help maintain your colour in between salon visits.

Use products that are specifically formulated for colored hair… Belinda loves using the Wella hydrate shampoo, conditioner and mask from the System Professionals range. During summer when you’re swimming and in the sun she suggests using a cleansing shampoo like, Christophe Robin sea salt scrub, to help stop hair color going brassy. She also suggests wearing a mask in your hair when swimming in chlorine to protect hair from the elements. A good option is the Wella Solar Sun Oil.

Belinda says… During these uncertain times I think it’s a smart idea to adapt and create a haircare routine that’s practical and affordable. For my blonde La Boutique Girls, I’ve suggested that I create a modern natural colour that will last longer. To keep the colour looking light, bright and fresh I use face framing highlights. Then I work with their natural base colour and apply scattered foils through the hair, using two to three colours, blending high, mid and low lights. This means as the hair starts to grow out you’ve got a modern root shadow and natural lived-in colour that’s low maintenance. Which means you can space out your salon visits up to 3 months in between colours

During COVID-19… As a salon owner, Belinda believes you must always have a strong team around you, constantly adapting, growing and accommodating your clients to ensure they’re receiving the best service possible. This is important now more than ever while the world is living with COVID19. We had to close the salon for a month. In that time we worked together to ensure that when we re-opened we were ready to implement new cleaning and social distancing practices to create a safe work environment for not only our clientele but our team as well. Belinda has even opened the salon exclusively on a Tuesday for one-on-one color sessions with some of her more vulnerable clients so they feel more comfortable.

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