La Boutique Brides

La Boutique Brides

La Boutique has quickly become a must-go-to when it comes to getting ‘Wedding Ready’. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or family member. La Boutique has become a one stop shop for all your wedding/bridal hair and make-up needs. Don’t take our word for it… keep reading to hear what our La Boutique Brides have to say…

… but first! MEET THE DREAM TEAM: La Boutique owner and award-winning colourist Belinda Jeffrey is our brides go-to colour Queen. She’s the one who won’t only make your colour dreams come too , but will help improve and maintain the condition of your hair too! Kelly Marie-Waters is our in-house make-up artist extraordinaire who’s ‘natural glam’ creations and ability to produce flawless natural looking skin is nothing short of perfection. Not to mention, Joelene Booth, also known as the blow-dry-whisperer, for all your hair-styling, hair-extensions and hair-cutting desires. There’s no doubt Joelene is a genius when it comes to bringing your vision to life.

As if this team wasn’t enough. La Boutique also offers VIP Bridal treatment, the opportunity for people to hire out the salon exclusively, to make their preparation for the big day that little bit more special.

Situated in Sydney's eastern- suburb, Double Bay, La Boutique’s sleek, french inspired interiors, with custom velvet lounge, gold fittings, marble benches and french doors that open up to a courtyard, makes this visually elegant venue, (with service to match!) perfect for pre-wedding beautification, champagne and photoshoots.

Without further adieu, now introducing 6 of La Boutique’s stunning brides and an insight into their experience leading up to their big day.

Clementine & Riku

Clementine & Riku_Low Res-755.jpg
There’s no-one I trust more with my hair than Belinda and team at La Boutique. When it came to creating a hairstyle for my wedding, Belinda and Joelene really worked their magic, making me feel so confident and beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome
— Clementine

Clementine came into La Boutique with her wedding hair reference, a photo of Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala 2018 [pictured left]

Clementine lives in Finland, but frequently visits Australia. Having know Clementine since she was a baby, Belinda has coloured her hair over the years (normally 2-3 times a year) and knows she likes a subtle colour change, that grows out seamlessly and is easy to maintain.

However looking at her reference photo they decided to increase the amount of colour, but be strategic with colour placement so that she doesn’t require regular salon visits.

To achieve the look Joelene cut long layers into her previously one length hair to create movement. Belinda applied subtle and fine face-framing highlights, root-shadow, balayage and some crown and part foils that were applied not too close to the root so her hair can grow out easily. Belinda used caramel and honey tones (no bleach) which created body and texture in her long hair. Followed by a gloss treatment to tone the colour and keep her hair looking shiny for the big day. To maintain the colour we gave Clementine and at home hydrating treatment for on going use (available to purchase on our online store).

On the morning of the wedding, Joelene left the salon to recreate Clementines desired Gigi Hadid inspired look at her home. To create this look Joelene pin curled the hair and brushed it out. Adding Sachajuan Volume Power at the roots and Wella Hairspray to set the hair. Joelene completed the look, giving it that little bit extra, by pinning the hair Clementine had tucked behind her ear. Joelene then attended the wedding and did touch ups throughout the night.

Clementine and Riku’s wedding was featured in Vogue Bride 2020.



“Every bride dreams of having lavish hair on their special day, which meant only one person for me... Belinda!
From the moment I stepped foot into La Boutique I knew I was going to be looked after by only the best.

Prior to visiting Belinda I had postnatal hair loss, my hair was brittle, lacking life to it and damaged from previous colour. As a blonde it can be extremely hard to maintain a great colour and also keep your hair healthy. When I told Belinda and Joelene how I wanted my hair to be on my wedding day, their attention to detail, patience and understanding of how I wanted my hair was perfect. They went above and beyond to make sure it was exactly how I had dreamt it, and they exceeded all of my expectations!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at La Boutique, my hair was absolutely beautiful on my wedding day! I don’t trust anyone else with my hair now, I only go to La boutique and have been for the past 4 years and because of that my hair has never felt more thick or healthy than it does now.
Without Hesitation I recommend La Boutique.”

-Coco Watson

We are so pleased to have helped Coco repair her postnatal hair and make her wedding day hair dreams come true. Coco is the ultimate beach baby, always at the beach surfing, battling the elements, which is something Belinda took into account when mixing her colour.

Coco was born with white blonde hair which slowly got darker as she got older. The perfect natural base for Belinda to build her Scandinavian blonde colour. With the condition of Coco’s hair Belinda took her time building the colour over the year. To further protect Coco’s hair, Belinda added Olaplex to every colour mixed to strengthen the hair. Belinda did a fine compacted weave, only colouring the regrowth being really careful not to add more product on to hair which is already coloured.

After the colour was applied we applied Christophe Robin Lavender Oil to the ends of her hair, to hydrate the hair when the colour was processing. When we washed Coco’s hair off at the basin, the oil also worked to further protect the hair from the colour product being washed off.

To maintain the colour and condition, especially with regular exposure to sun and salt water, Coco took home the Christophe Robin baby blond treatment to use once a week. This treatment didn’t only help her to repair and protect the hair, it also worked to tone and keep her blonde creamy in between salon visits.

Once Coco’s hair was healthy and the perfect colour was achieved, Joelene matched extensions to Belinda’s blonde, mixing two colours. Joelene then applied a full head of tape extensions and cut her hair so that the extensions blended seamlessly, to achieved Coco’s desired hair goals.



Michelle is one of our La Boutique Girls, a regular client. When we got the exciting news of her up coming nuptials, the good news was Michelle’s hair condition and colour prep was already done.

However, for this special occasion Michelle wanted extensions to increase the volume and thickness of her hair. Joelene matched the extensions to Michelle’s current blonde and Belinda touched up her regrowth, slightly tweaking the colour to ensure the seamless integration.

On the morning of the wedding, Michelle and her bridal party arrived at La Boutique were they were met with champagne, an eager team of La Boutique staff with blow-drys in hand and freelance makeup artists. All ready to beautify and paper.

Michelle had rented La Boutique for a half day because not only is it home to her glam hairdressing team, but being located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs it was a convenient location, close proximity to her wedding venue.

The La Boutique team made my wedding day so special and amazing – it was so much fun getting ready in the salon, with Belinda, Joelene and the team creating magical hairstyles that lasted all night long. Thanks to the La Boutique team for an incredible day that I will never forget.
— Michelle Segaert

As Michelle was seeing Joelene on a regular basis leading up until her wedding, that coupled with the fact Michelle trusted Joelene to create a flattering half-up hair-do with her chosen accessories there was no need for Michelle to book a trial. However, to achieve Michelle’s dream wedding look required her to get hair extensions. This made her apprehensive, as she was afraid it would be high maintenance and she “wouldn’t look like herself”. Keeping this in mind, Joelene talked Michelle through the process extensively and they applied the extensions weeks prior to the wedding to ensure they could tweak anything so it was perfect. A year and a half later Michelle still has her extensions and loves them so much!



Taylah came into La Boutique a year before her wedding in Italy, without inspirational images, just wanting to look like the best version of herself.

Taylah works in PR and fashion so she had been getting regular blow-dry’s at other salons and blow-dry bars. As a result of having too much heat on her bleached colour, Taylor hair was brittle, damaged and in some much need of TLC. With a year to prepare for the wedding Belinda started by preparing Taylah’s hair with a few in-salon deep conditioning treatments and made sure she was using heat protection spray for her weekly blow-drys. Belinda was then able to build her colour over the year to create a bright and creamy blonde that compliments her skin tone. To do this Belinda would mix three tones and olaplaex (to protect the hair) to create the colour, 2 x high lift tint and 1 x bleach which she would carefully weave through to create this natural, classic, healthy looking blonde.

When planning my wedding in Tuscany, as the dress, how my hair looked and felt was very important. I have La Boutique and Belinda to thank for my creamy, beautiful, healthy, fresh, blonde, dream wedding hair. The entire process of ensuring my hair was wedding ready was a breeze with La Boutique and I would recommend to any bride that wants to look a billion dollars!
— Taylah Watson



Sasha came to La Boutique to see the dream team, Inspired by Jojo Fletcher [pictured left] who was the US Bachelorette natural balayage and pretty but natural looking bronzed makeup look.

Having had long, very dark and thick hair which had never been coloured before, Belinda started what ended being a 6 month process of building colour to perfect Sasha’s wedding hair. All together Sasha had 4 applications, 7 weeks in-between colours. The first appointment taking 7 hours. “If you foil natural hair you have to be careful it doesn’t look streaky ” Belinda says. To create this colour she used multiple tones of light brown, honey and caramel blonde. With each application Belinda slowly built the colour so by the time Sasha got to the wedding her she had an overall, natural and healthy looking colour.

My wedding was really a La Boutique affair! I am so grateful to La Boutique for looking after us on my wedding day and ensuring my visions became a reality!

Sasha’s mother, Jann, is a long standing client of Joelene. So when it came to the wedding day there was no surprises that Joelene was to do both the bride and mother of the bride. Joelene also styled the hair for all the bridesmaids with the help of another staff member from La Boutique.

Sasha wanted two looks, a hair up for the ceremony and hair down for the reception. At her trial with Joelene, Sasha wasn’t set to any particular style and trusted Joelene to design and create a look especially for her that would compliment her features and wedding dress.

Accompanying Joelene as part of the glam squad at their hotel was La Boutique makeup artist, Kelly Marie-Waters. Sadly, due to COVID, Sasha’s make up artist had to cancel last minute. Kelly worked step-by-step to recreate her already original bridal make-up look. To do this kelly used bronze, golden bronze tones to create a natural but glamorous look. Kelly used individual lashes to shape her eyes and put a lot of focus on preparing her skin prior to applying makeup. Preparing the skin ensures the longevity of the make-up, to do this Kelly massages moisture into Sasha’s skin, the circulation gets the blood flowing, this coupled with a primer, ensures that foundation sets and her skin looks natural and glowing. To complete the look Kelly applied a colour that was close to Sasha’s natural lip tone using a rose pink lip liner with a lashing of peach gloss to finish and lift her look.



“As a long time client of La Boutique, I knew I would only trust them to take care of my hair on my wedding day. Belinda has been colouring my hair for years, so in the lead up to my wedding, she ensured that my colour was perfectly glossy and natural in the lead up to my big day. Jolene has been cutting and blow drying my hair for years, and we decided on an updo - a fun French twist inspired by Rosie HW- and despite me having very, long hair, she kept it fresh for the entire day. My seven bridesmaids and Mum also had very different hair types, and Jolene blow dried their hair to perfection, with waves that lasted all day. I was so happy to have Jolene help me getting ready (she even trimmed some hair on the big day!) and she helped us with touch ups through the whole night. I spontaneously decided to put my hair out of my face completely before the reception, and she redid my updo in about 5 minutes. I’d recommend Jolene and the La Boutique team for any bride - they are such professionals and made me feel relaxed and in safe hands. Plus they nailed exactly the look I wanted for the whole bridal on my wedding day!!” - Isobel Paine


Isobel had a summer wedding so leading up to the big day Belinda wanted to enhance Isobel’s natural hair colour base with sun-kissed baby-lights using lighter browns and caramel tones to add texture and variation. Belinda wanted her colour to compliment the styling, knowing Joelene was going to style big hair in a french twist Belinda placed the colour strategically so the up-do would had dimension and luscious movement.

Pictured to the left, is supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely, with a french twist. This was the inspiration behind the styling for Isobel Paine’s hair up-do. To the right is Isobel’s final look. To ensure everything was absolutely perfect and exactly what Isobel wanted Joelene took Isobel into a different room with a mirror to work her magic. She started by blow-drying her hair and setting it in rollers, Joelene then went and did all the bride-maids styling before returning to the private room with Isobel to complete the look. Joelene used every kind of pin under the sun to secure Isobel’s thick, long and heavy hair. Using volume powder and hairspray to create the grit needed to hold the french twist in place. Giving the bride this quiet time without distractions before the wedding felt really beneficial. It allows them the space and voice to set an intention and communicate that they really want for their big day. It also meant that Isobel got to come out of the room relaxed, with an exciting big reveal, to her friends and family who got to see her final look with fresh eyes. Joelene was then able to tweak anything and stayed with Isobel all day ensuring that her hair remained perfect.

Close-up with make-up artist Kelly-Marie Waters…


Kelly-Marie Waters is an accomplished freelance makeup artist based in Sydney, Australia and is now a valued member of the La Boutique Team. Possessing all the desired traits of a MUA, Kelly is tasteful, on-trend, personable and professional.

Kelly’s bridal makeup has been featured in many publications including Cosmopolitan Bride and Modern Wedding Magazine. Want to know more? Check out our Q&A with Kelly! and follow her on Insatgram @sydneybridalmakeup & @makeupby_kelly

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