Everything You Want To Know About Hair Extensions

Everything You Want To Know About Hair Extensions

We sat down and chatted with Joelene Booth, La Boutique’s extension queen! If you’re considering getting or have extensions, in need of extensions correction then Joelene’s answered all the questions that may be playing on your mind. 

How long have you been applying hair extensions for? What courses have you done? 

I completed my first course, Great Lengths, 12 years ago and have been working at perfecting the service ever since. When I worked at Jo Bailey I had a mentor that helped with my skills in colour matching hair, tape extensions application and how to then blend smaller and bigger tapes for a flawless finish. I also completed a Show Pony course, an expertise way to apply weft hair extensions with beads and micro beading individual extension strands which has been a game changer. 

For those who are unsure, beaded weft hair extensions are created with real human hair which is sewn (either by hand or by machine) onto a horizontal strip or ‘weft’. Tape hair extensions have pre-taped wefts that are composed of adhesive. 

What reasons do people come to you wanting hair extensions?

People usually come to me for hair extensions when they want more thickness and length to their hair for an overall natural and healthy appearance. Other times people want to add colour for a balayage effect, without having to commit to having bleach in their hair.

Can anybody have hair extensions applied? How long does my natural hair need to be?

You can’t apply extensions to hair that’s pixie length. Apart from that, yes, anybody can have hair extensions applied but it all depends on the desired results. The length of your current hair plays a factor in how long the extensions can be before they begin to look unnatural. This is all discussed in the consultation process and it differs for each person. On average, if you’ve got a bob I could extend the length of your hair to the collarbone. Applying extensions to damaged hair can put stress on the roots and potentially cause further damage. As I will be applying healthy natural hair, in some cases where the natural hair is damaged or thin, we may need to work on the condition of your hair first before applying. So far, I haven’t met someone who I wasn’t able to come to a solution with.

Do you charge for consultations? Is there anything I need to do prior to the consultation? What can I expect at the consultation?

My hair extension consultations are essential, they go for 15min and cost $30. Come with clean hair that’s been shampooed the day before and bring a picture reference for your desired colour, length and style. This way nothing gets lost in translation. 

During the consultation it will be determined if you need to get your hair coloured first, or if you’re ready to get your extensions matched and ordered right away. When matching the extensions we will go through a range of colour swatches together and agree on a colour that best matches you. 

By the end of your consultation you will have a very clear picture of what’s involved. You will be quoted a price, told how long it will take, how to maintain and prepare if need be and your next appointment will be booked. If you’re ready to go ahead a 50% deposit will be made before ordering the hair.

What hair do you use?

I use100% remi human hair thats ethically sourced . Remi means that the hair is facing the same way so it doesn’t mat. Cheap extensions don’t have this can get easily matted.

Depending on the desired look I’ll either use large tape (inch) , small tape (½ inch), micro beads, wheft extensions, great lengths extensions. 

How long does the application take?

Each client is different. A full head of extensions, with a cut and blow-dry won’t take me longer than 2 hours.

My hair needs trimming, shall I have this done before the application appointment? Will you cut the hair extensions once they've been applied?

A trim/cut will be included in the whole quote. You want the ends of hair to look and feel as healthy as the extensions to make it blend easily. So we normally do trim the ends for you. The extensions hair you purchase are really long, almost to the arch of your back, so there’s plenty of length to play around with. I will then cut and style the hair to the perfect length for you.

What is the home care for extensions? 

Your hair and extensions are shampooed before the application. Try to not wash your hair for 3-4 days after your salon visit. Your hair might feel a little tight for a couple of days, keep your hair out, if you have to tie it up, put your hair in a low ponytail. After two weeks the extensions will become easier to style.

Can the hair be reapplied? If so, how often do I need the extensions adjusted?

Yes, for super fine hair I recommended 4-6 weeks. Normal hair 6-7weeks. It costs $300-$350 for normal head of extensions for re-taping. The 2 hour appointment will include a cut and blow-dry.

What happens if some of tapes slip. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the extensions can slip in people with fine hair. If this happens store the extensions in a zip-lock bag and return them to the salon where I will replacement then.



Can you wash your hair?

Yes you can. I recommend washing your hair twice a week. If you’ve got fine and oily hair just wash top of the head and leave extensions if you wish. You can use any shampoo but I recommend visiting the La Boutique online store and choosing a high quality one which is relevant to your needs.

Is there a trick to brushing hair extensions?

Yes, hold at the top of your hair in your fist, just below where the extensions are. Hold on tight when you brush through and DON’T PULL! You don’t want to snap natural hair or pull them out. 

Do not brush wet hair extensions, dry completely before brushing out knots.

Can I style my hair with extensions? Hair up? Are you allowed to use any styling products? Blow-dry and heated styling appliances? Can I let my hair extensions dry naturally?

You can let you extensions dry naturally. I carefully place the extensions so that you’re able to style your hair easily without the extensions being visible. When I first apply the extensions I will give my clients a mini tutorial on how to style and manage their new hair. This is also briefed in the consultation where I will recommended the best styling products tailored to you. And remember… Like I said before, you should not brush your wet hair extensions.

TIP Extensions take longer to dry then their their natural hair. My advice to keep your hair healthy, clip your natural hair up on top of head letting the extensions fall below away from your natural hair. Using a hair dryer dry the extensions 100 percent before unclipping and drying your real hair.

Can you do extension correction?

The short answer to this is yes. Again this on a case by case basis. Here is an example of someone’s hair who I fixed.

The old graded weft, 3 rows of braided extensions, were applied 3 days before her wedding. The stylist did not blend or cut the extensions. This case was time-sensitive and our client was on a strict budget so I added tape extensions then cut and blended the hair to blend with her naturally thick hair.

Can I colour my hair? Can I colour the hair extensions?

We normally get the our clients hair coloured prior to applying extensions and order the hair to match. I don’t recommended colouring hair extensions, but we can tone and apply some lightening balayage techniques. Drastic colour changes can have an adverse reaction on the extensions.

Can I swim with hair extensions, use sunbeds, sauna/steam rooms?

For the first 3-4 days after getting the extensions you must keep your hair dry to give the extensions time to set. After that you can swim, use sauna, steam room or sun-beds. If you’ve had your extensions for a long time and you find they are getting dry I would recommend putting your hair in a bun with an oil based product or treatments that’s moisturising. This will help prevent knotting and sun damage.

How long can I wear the hair extensions before they need removing? Can I remove the hair extensions myself? How long does the removal take?

It depends of the clients level of care. If cared for diligently, tape extensions should last up to a year and half. Ways you can help with the longevity of your extensions are getting it washed at the salon once a week and use heat protector products on the extensions before styling. The more you expose the hair to water, swimming in the ocean etc, it will slowly take it’s toll on the extensions and they will begin to thin out.

You can’t remove the extensions yourself as it can be damaging if not done right. If there is an emergency, I can talk you through it over the phone and instruct of what products to use and the process. Otherwise, make an appointment to come in and I’ll remove them.

If you want to make an appointment or have any more questions or please don’t hesitate to reach out. Joelene and the team at La Boutique will help answer any of your queries.

Email info@laboutique.com.au or phone 02 9362 4711

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